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Gavin Newsom's Policies Enable Criminal Gangs to Operate Without Fear of Deportation?


Illegal Alien Gangs, Vicious and 200,000 strong, cost citizens $10’s of billions annually

San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, Gives Illegal Alien Gang Members Worry Free Sanctuary in San Francisco. Mayor Newsom has prohibited law enforcement from helping deport criminal aliens.

The Illegal Aliens gangs listed below have over 200,000 members and they account for most of the trafficking in drugs and humans. Have you been a victim? Please contact us (read)

History Channel Report on Illegal Alien Gangs

History Channel Documentary - On Illegal Alien Criminal Gangs

Nuestra Familia

Nuestra Familia (Spanish for "Our Family") was organized in Northern California's Soledad Correction Training Facility in 1968. Chicano inmates had grown tired of the abuse at the hand of the Mexican Mafia.

Most of the original members of the NF were Northern and Central California. As the NF and Mexican Mafia engaged in a bitter prison war, new prisoners from Northern California were recruited into the NF while Southern California inmates joined the Mexican Mafia. By the late 1970s, after numerous prison riots and murders, an official dividing point emerged between the gangs in Delano, California. Foot soldiers of the gang living outside of the prison are typically called Nortenos (Northerners in Spanish).

The NF has a formal written constitution and claims about 200 inmate members with an additional thousand members on the outside. Their main enterprises are selling drugs and committing murder. Their motto is "blood in, blood out."
In April 2001, a three-year, top-secret investigation involving thirty agencies and code-named "Operation Black Widow," resulted in multiple arrests. Law enforcement indicted thirteen La Nuestra Familia members on charges of drug trafficking and murder.

18th St. Gang

The 18th Street Gang, named for a street in the Rampart section of east Los Angeles, formed in the late 1960s. It was also known as the "Children's Army" because of their recruitment of elementary and middle school kids.

Their tactics include threatening harm to member's families when they try to leave. Failure to show proper respect of a gang leader or fellow member may result in an 18-second beating, or even execution for more serious offenses.
The gang's criminal activities include auto theft, carjacking, drive-by shootings, drug sales, arms trafficking, extortion, rape and murder for hire.

18th Street has been linked to Mexican and Columbian drug cartels and the Mexican Mafia. They're also believed to work in co-operation with rival black street gangs.

The reach of the 18th Street Gang extends across North America with a membership tally of more than 30,000. It was the first Hispanic gang to cross racial barriers after a heavy recruitment effort in the early 1990s. What began as a Hispanic gang now has members that include African Americans, Asians, Caucasians, and Native Americans.

MS-13 Suburbia

MS-13 was organized during the 1980s in Los Angeles by Salvadorans. Having grown up with violence, members fled their country's civil war.
When they arrived in Los Angeles, Mexican gangs preyed on them. The response was to band together in a mara, or "posse," composed of salvatruchas, or "street-tough Salvadorans" (the "13" is a gang number associated with southern California).

Once confined to the inner city, MS-13's reach now extends across 42 states. The gang also now contaminates the most unexpected turf: suburban communities unaccustomed to deal with MS-13's ruthless brand of violence. Experts say there are currently 3,000 members in Northern Virginia.

Membership has risen to 60,000 between the U.S. and Central America. It's criminal activities have expanded to include drug smuggling and sales, black market gun sales, human trafficking, assassinations for hire and assaults on law enforcement. Experts say most of their crimes are done on a whim.

MS-13's notoriety exploded in recent years, fanned by bone-chilling reports of its machete attacks, beheadings and the fatal stabbing of a pregnant teenager after it was discovered she was a federal informer.

Mexican Mafia

The Mexican Mafia, also referred to as La eMe, (Spanish for the letter "M"), was formed in 1957 by Chicano street gang members incarcerated at the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy, California.

Approximately thirteen Mexican-Americans from East Los Angeles, including gang members from the Maravilla street gang, formed the original core of the gang called Mexikanemi, Aztec for "He who walks with God in his heart."

Initially, they banded together over religion and to worship an ancient pre-Hispanic cultural heritage. But their main focus was to protect themselves against African-American convicts, other inmates and the prison staff.

Deuel was called "Gladiator School" by the inmates. Prisoners there honed their fighting skills, and learned the business of drug dealing. They also learned how to maim or murder with handmade weapons.

As the organization grew, it rapidly evolved into a criminal organization involved in extortion, narcotics trafficking and murder, both inside and outside the prison system walls. Today, the Mexican Mafia has spread from California to at least seven other states including; Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Latin Kings

The Latin Kings is a Chicago/New York-based street gang consisting of mainly of Spanish-speaking or Hispanic members. It began in the Chicago area in the 1940s as a means for Hispanics to protect themselves, their neighborhoods and their families.

By the 1970's, the Latin Kings came to be dominated by individuals engaged in criminal activity, and in particular, narcotics trafficking. The Latin Kings have since spread through all of Latin America and into Europe, specifically Spain.
In 1986, Luis Felipe, calling himself "King Blood," started a new chapter in New York while at Collins correctional facility. The Latin Kings grew into the thousands by the mid 1990s.

After a rampage in 1995 throughout New York City, dozens of members were arrested and charged with everything from arson to murder. Most plead guilty. "King Blood" was found guilty of all charges, including 8 counts of murder.

Through the late 90s, the Kings tried to polish its image, but was still teaming with crime. Latin King violence still runs amok in the prison system.



The Rule of Law:

The doctrine that no individual is above the law
and that everyone must answer to it.

"Justice is defined by the application of the law without
distinction to all similarly situated"
, Tony Dolz












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